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Playlist vom 19.05.2022 – Special

1Red Dons – Pieces
2Bittter – Payable till death
3Fever 333 – For the record
4Misantropic – Day of recoming
5Bombenalarm – For those who don’t forget
6The Gents – Dig a little deeper
7Wasted – Break you
8The Axids – Kids with an axt
9The Axids – Axidus
10Closer – Divide
11Suburban Downgrade – Suggestion Box
12Sleater Kinney – I wanna be your Joe Ramone
13Be Well – Treadless
14Be Well – I’ll leave you with this
15Be Well – An endless loop
16Be Well – Hello sun
17Be Well – Only one wish
18Be Well – In the shadow of who you thought i was
19Duncan Divas – All the things she said
20B!tch – Bury yourself
21Plastic Betrand – Ca plane pour moi
22Tankstelle – Benzin
23Bad Affair – I want everything
24Oma Oklahoma – Monument
25Fluten – Monster

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