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Playlist vom 02.06.2022 – Blitzmagazin

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1Face Up – In the dark
2Wasted – Gentrifucked
3Tackleberry – Me and the pistkit
4James First – Anti fascist crew
522 Longs Riffs – Petit soldat
622 Longs Riffs – Alerta
7Blaufuchs – Keine Angst
8China White – Psyche principal
9China White – China White
10Cuir – Flood de loose
11Cuir – Prenons de la Progue
12Life Went Pear – Long fall
13marode – nein nein nein
14marode – Bruegge
15Outdate – The damage is done
16Outdate – You know nothing
17Tagteam Torben – Feuerleger
18Talk Radio Talk – Clear cold reflexion
19Castro – Personal question
20Smile and Burn – In vielen Farben
21Smile and Burn – Computer spielen
22Terror – Pain into power
23Terror – Can’t help but hate
24Tvivler – Der er for få borgerlige i det her land
25Zunder – Pulverfass
26Zunder – GEMA
27The High Society – Atmen

Playlist vom 19.05.2022 – Special

1Red Dons – Pieces
2Bittter – Payable till death
3Fever 333 – For the record
4Misantropic – Day of recoming
5Bombenalarm – For those who don’t forget
6The Gents – Dig a little deeper
7Wasted – Break you
8The Axids – Kids with an axt
9The Axids – Axidus
10Closer – Divide
11Suburban Downgrade – Suggestion Box
12Sleater Kinney – I wanna be your Joe Ramone
13Be Well – Treadless
14Be Well – I’ll leave you with this
15Be Well – An endless loop
16Be Well – Hello sun
17Be Well – Only one wish
18Be Well – In the shadow of who you thought i was
19Duncan Divas – All the things she said
20B!tch – Bury yourself
21Plastic Betrand – Ca plane pour moi
22Tankstelle – Benzin
23Bad Affair – I want everything
24Oma Oklahoma – Monument
25Fluten – Monster

Playlist & Mondometer vom 05.05.2022 – Blitzmagazin

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1Finisterre – No matter how hard
2Amyl and the Sniffers – Start Fire 500
3Suicidal Tendencies – Scream Out
4Resukt of Choice – Place of my dreams
5A Wilhelm Scream – Acushnet avenue at night
6A Wilhelm Scream – And big nasty was it’s name
7Angora Club – Steppenläufer
8Angora Club – Kreis
9Bakterie – Peinlich
10Bakterie – Gefieder
11Der dumme August – Willst du mit mir tanzen
12Drug Church – Fun’s over
13Drug Church – World impact
14Irnini Mons – Montreal
15Lyvten – Mucki
16Oiro – Killing joke
17Outsiders Joy – Punkrock wird sein
18Rouge – I don’t want to listen to you
19Aldi Ost – SUV
20Aldi Ost – Police bastard
21Silversterein – Ultraviolet
22Silversterein – May altar / Mary
23Snuff – Looks alright from here
24Snuff – Green glass chippings
25Talco – Papel
26Wasted – Dig a little deeper
27Alarmsignal – Bring dich in Sicherheit
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