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Playlist 22.05.2008 (FSK) Special:6 x 6

 aus I Walk the Line – Black Wave Rising
(2008, Combat Rock Industry, Rookie Records)
1Trouble seeker
3Black wave
4Demonic verses
6The metro
 aus Oiro – Vergangenheitsschlauch
(2008, Flight 13 Records)
7Reisender, kein Tourist
11Schlechter Homie
12Immer besetzt beim Guiness Buch
 aus Bubonix – Capsaicin
(2008, Nois-O-Lution)
13Amato opera
14Dogs and horses
15We won´t fall
16Melting car
18Python eyes
 aus Time Again – Darker Days
(2008, Hellcat Records)
19Day like this
20Soon it will be
21One way or another
22Lines are faded
23Darker days
 aus Bambix – Bleeding in a Box
(2008, Go-Cart Records)
25Under the moon
27Mount neverest
28Tiny tunes
29Leave luke be
30Bleeding in a box
 aus Talk Radio Talk – Beyond these Lines
(2008, Swell Creek Records)
31The red in
32The way we act
33First girl on the moon
34Neverending ride
35Between walls and lions
36Clear cold reflexion
37Dritte Wahl – Plakativ
38Kommando Sonne-nmilch – 10-1-0 System
39The Detectors – Turn up the radio

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