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Playlist 07.02.2008 (FSK)

Donnerstag 07.02.2008 FSK
1These Armes are Snakes – Horse girl
2Fucked Up – Baiting the public
3Gob Squad – Dead end street
4Revolution Riot – Go
Raised Fist – Some of these days
6From Autumn to Ashes – Pioneers
7Pain in the Ass – Can´t avoid it
8Die Ärzte – Bravo Punks*
9Rawside – Police terror
Man without Plan – No, I´m pretty sure it´s the heat
11Oiro – Schuleschwänzer, Rowdy & Co.
12The Very Job Agency – Codename: Charlie
13Kobayashi – Markt
14Die Ärzte – Widerstand*
15Black Flag – Depression
16Horror Pops – Where you can´t follow
17Sidekick Lupchen and the Bad Generation – The royal flush of death
18Sidekick Lupchen and the Bad Generation – Betty page and me
19Die Ärtze – Cops under water*
Sidekick Lupchen and the Bad Generation – Good night white pride
21Smoke Blow – Commander of doom
22Cougars – Pants
23Spanish Bombs – Danny V2b
24Bombshell Rocks – Move rhythm city
25Rites of Spring – For want of
26Brainless Wankers – You might as well like it
27Down and Away – Get in line
28The Gits – Second skin
29The Detectors – Jimmy
Anti-Flag – Die for your government
Propagandhi – Haille Selasse, up your ass
Suicide Machines – Twelve years on tour and all I got was a lousy T-Shirt
The Devil in Miss Jones – Love is a Punk
Pascow – Fuck off
Die Strafe – Angst
Die Ärzte – Ich bin glücklich*
WIZO – Seelenbrand

* Das komplette Album 5,6,7,8 Bullenstaat gibt´s zum freien Download unter > bonus

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