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Playlist 19.07.2007 (FSK) Special: Suicidal Tendencies (Teil 2)

Donnerstag 14.06.2007 FSK  Special: Suicidal Tendencies Teil II: 1993-2007   
  Still Cyco after all these Years, Epic, 1993
 1Suicides´an alternative
  Suicidal for Life. 1994, Epic
 4Don´t give a fuck!
No bullshit
 6What else could I do?
 7Love vs Loneliness
  Infectious Grooves: Snapped lika Mutha, 1994, Sony
 8Violent & Funky
  Cyco Miko: Lost My Brain! (Once Again), 1995, Epic
 9 Nothing to lose
  Six the Hard Way, 1998, Suicidal Records
Cyco vision
11I saw your Mommy
  Freedump, 1999, Suicidal Records
12Ain´t gonna take it
13Scream out
15We are Family
  Free Your Soul and Save My Mind,
 2000, Suicidal Records

16Self destruct
17Pop Songs
18Straight from the heart
  No Mercy (2007,UV)
19No Mercy fool

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