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Playlists September 2006 (Tonkuhle)

Montag – 04.09.2006
 1Boysetsfire – After the eulogy
 2Kurhaus – Priority now
Hynkel Overskaeg – Holdningerharenp (UN)
 4Strike Anywhere – Instinct
 5Ephan Rian – Strike me deeply
 6Torpedo Girl – Shut up (MP3)
Yakuzi – Ramides Sanches
 8She Male Trouble – Don´t you
 9She Male Trouble – Invisible Friend
10Panteon Rococo – La carencia
11Paint it Black – The new brutality
12NeinNeinNein – gefressen und ausgekotzt
13Inner Terrestrials – War
14Kolporteure – Selber Schuld (UN)
15Suicidal Tendencies – Cycovision
16The Aggrolites – Mr. Misery
17Torpedo Girl – Trapped
Montag – 18.09.2006   Special: She-Male Trouble „Off The Hook“ (XNO/Alive)
 1Armalite – Entitled
 2Kurhaus – On my last night in europe
  She-Male Trouble – Off The Hook
 4Down the drain
 5Between the lines
 6Shortcut to heaven
Ancing Bar
 8I never forget
 9There´ll be no one clappin´hands at the end of the play
10My sweetest enemy
11Don´t you
12Circus Minimus
13Losin Ground
14Where Beagles dare
15One by One
16Invisible Friend
17Attitude (Live)
18Antitainment – Manowar win the war
19Patchanka – la Patchanka
20Autozynik – Beton

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