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Playlists Januar 2006 (Tonkuhle)

 Montag – 16.01.2006
1Destruction Made Simple – Machines
2No Shame – Cliches
3Beatbrats – Don´t waste my time
4NY Rel-X – Paranoia
5Far From Finished – Those never forgotten
6Social Distortion – Live before you die
7Total Egon – Lite trall och en handtralla
8The Business – Get out of my house
9Coquettish – Brain wash
10King Pins – L´Aventurier
11Operation Ivy – The crowd
12The Death of Anna Karena – Me and Wittgenstein down the street
13Dritte Wahl – Fortschritt
14The Creetins – Demon Dreams
15Ramones – The job that ate my brain
15Suicidal Tendencies – cyco
16Caliban – Its our burdon to bleed (MP3)
17Oiro – DIN
18Furillo – Days and Nights
 Montag – 02.01.2006
1Destruction Made Simple – Immigrants
2Chefdenker – Wer hat in deine Hose gepisst?
3Sham 69 – Borstal Breakout
4Bad Religion – Conquer the world
5Bangs – I want more
6Dackelblut – Sandsäcke
7Wisecräcker – Contigo mas bien
8SheMale Trouble – Too strong
9Zen Baseballbat – Wiplash
10Interview mit Carl / Zen Baseballbat
11Zen Baseballbat – Bananas
12Propagandhi – Jugend marschiert (MP3)
13Hatebreed – We still fight
14Sick of it all – Injustice System
15Lucys Darling – This is Rock ´n´ Roll
15Fliehende Stürme – Eigenwelt
16PIL – This is not a love song

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