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Playlists November 2005 (Tonkuhle)

 Montag – 21.11.2005
1Suicide Machines – Red Flag
2Guerilla Poubelle – Pour quelques points de fidelité
3Los Calzones – Satanica
4Europunk-Sampler (MP3):
5Okploide – Sacta
6The Lawrence Arms – Falling Ashes
7Ephen Rian – Strike me deeply
8Mark Foggo Skasters – Dead Beat
9Kolporteure – Recht auf Mord
10Minor Threat – Straight Edge
11Kill your Idols – Madly
12Fugazi – Merchandise
13Pain in the Ass – You must be joking
14Bikini Kill – I love Fucking
15Cougars – Pants
16Wisecräcker – Guantanamo Bay
17Suicidal Tendencies – Scream out
18Inner Terrestrials – Earth must heartbeat
 Montag – 07.11.2005
1Turbostaat – M – Eine Stadt sucht ihren Mörder
2Jello Biafra & NoMeansNo – Jesus was a Terrorist
3Cashless – Take away
4Guerilla Poubelle – Si jamais
5La Fraction – Tu les sais
6Mad Sin – Underground
7The Exposies – Stop the future
8Ramones – I believe in miracles
9Gang of Four – Damaged Goods
10Lombego Surfers –  Makes no difference
11Boysetsfire – Dear George (MP3)
12Old Yok – Sortierte Freiheit (MP3)
13Pitfull- Gutter
14Juliette & The Licks – Speaking my language
15Anfall – Pressefreiheit
16The Exploited – was it me
17Common Rider – Firewall
18Peter & The Test Tube Babies – Foot full of bullets

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