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Playlists September 2005 (Tonkuhle)

 Montag – 19.09.2005 – Wahl 05
1Pennywise – Fuck Authority
2Suicidal Tendencies – Two-Sided Politics
3The Bronx – Heart attack american
4Horrorpops – Where they wander
5Subhumans – Religious Wars
6The Unpleasant- Wahlk(r)ampf
7The Pricks – Roadkill
8Antiflag & Donots – Protest Song
9Nuuseforaname – Fiona
107 Seconds – Still on it-
11Amulet – Naked Eye
12Refused – The Refused Party Program
13Balzac – The end of century
14Green Day – Holiday
15F-Minus – Sweating Blood
16Boxhamster – Klein
17Misfits- Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?
18Ton Steine Scherben – Alles verändert sich
 Montag – 05.09.2005
1Mad Caddies – No Hope
2Ignite – Past our means
3Dover – One black day
4Smoke Blow – Unbroken & Iron my Soul
5Cut my Skin – Anxiety
6Pennywise – Disconnect
7Biohazard – filled with hate
8Propagandhi – die Jugend marschiert
9Special: Underground Operation Label mit Hostage Life, The Brat Attack und Closet Monster
10The Damned –
11NOFX – Murder the government
12Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop
13Skunx – Gute nacht Deutschland
14Dead Boys – Down in flames
15SxTx – Fascist Pig
16No Means No – forward to death
17Napalm Death – Nazi Punks Fuck Off

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