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Playlists Juli 2005 (Tonkuhle)

 Montag – 18.07.2005
1Bitume – Sprengstoff besieget Herdentrieb 3:1
2Antiflag – You got to die for your government
3The Code – Alert Aware
4The Users – I´m in love with today
5Dead Kennedys – I fought the law
6Jan feat. Udssr – Donde esta la libertad
7The Spitts – The fight!
8Destruction Made Simple – Imigrant
9Bubonix – Never forget
 Special: The Infernal Noise Brigade
10Dritte Wahl – Störung
11New Mexican Disaster Squad – Vultures
12Social Distortion – Live before you die
13Long Beach Dub Allstars –
14Suicidal Tendencies – Monopoly of sorrow
15Isis – So did we
 Montag – 04.07.2005
1Good Riddance – Ties of Blood and affection
2Zeke – I don´t give a fuck
3Rise against – 1000 good intentions
4Dritte Wahl – Schaum auf der Ostsee
5Voodoo Glow Skulls – El mas Chingon
6Transplants – tall cans in the air
7Guttermouth – won´t see you in the pit
8H2O – Cops-Theme
9Raised Fist – Get it real
10The Donnas – Are you gonna…
11Inner Terristrials
12Tha Aka´s – Generation vexed
 Special: G8 – Feature (mit Green Day, KRS-One, Soulfly, Tod & Mordschlag)
13Karamelo Santo – El baille oficial
14Steakknife – Anthem
15Atom & his package – metric
16SxTx – i want more
Playlists Juli 2005 (Tonkuhle)

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