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Playlist 19.12.2006 (FSK) – Ganze Platte

Donnerstag 19.12.2006 – Die Ganze Platte  mit  den Inner Terrestrials  
 1Inner Terrestrials – iT! (1996, Neuauflagen 2001+2003 Maloka/MassProd)
 2Squatters right
  4Earth must / heartbeat
 6Free the land
 7Burning bridges
 8White nightmare
10Briagada Flores Magnon – Pas de Justice, pas de Paix
11The Clash – The Guns of Brixton
12Conflict – Now you´ve put your foot in it
13Conflict – From St Pauls to Seattle
14Inner Terrestrials – X (2003, MassProd)
20Mountain of led
21Off with their heads
22Movin on
25The journey
26Barry Horne
27King Prawn – Bring down the house
28King Prawn – The dominat view
29King Prawn – Caught inna rut
30King Prawn – Smoke some shit
31King Prawn – The loneliest life

Playlist 18.12.2006 (Tonkuhle)

Montag – 18.12.2006 Radio Tonkuhle – Review 2006 Neuveröffentlichungen, Bandauflösungen, Hits etc. leider nur bis September 06 😉
1RIFU – The Plaque we´ve become
2Koyaanisqatsi – Klippen
Poison Idea – Atonement for the cursed
4Use to Abuse – Ain´t got nothing to do with you
5Oma Hans – Aus Stahl
6Oma Hans – Stilbruch (Dackelblut)
Raised Fist – Perfectly Broken
8Sick of it all – Take the night off
9Suicide Machines – I went 12 years on tour and all I got is this lousy T-Shirt
10Yok – Liselotte Meyer grillt
11Turbostaat – Haubentaucherwelpen
12The Very Job Agency – Zuckergebäck
13Motormuschi – Fischauge
14Yakuzi – Ramides Sanchez
15She-Male Trouble – Invisible Friend
16Kurhaus – Propaganda of dance
17Suicidal Tendencies – Suicidal Failure

Playlist 07.12.2006 (FSK) – Rückblick 2006

Donnerstag 07.17.2006 – Rückblick 2006
 1Guerilla Poubelle – Demain il pleut
 2RIFU – Let them eat bombs
 3Babylove and the Van Dangos – Gangster
  4Koyaanisqatsi – Freigehege
Koyaanisqatsi – Klippen
 6Poison Idea – Feel the darkness
 7RKL – Heavenly Sedated
 8Use to Abuse – I got nothing to do with you
 9X-Ray-Spex – Bonadage up yours
10The Gits – Absynthe
11Sleater Kinney – Call the doctor
12Oma Hans – Stahl
13Oma Hans – Konzertauschnitte (u.a. Fadenkreuze)
14Raised Fist – You ignore them all
15Suicide Machines – I went 12 Years on tour…
16The Very Job Agency – Zuckergebäck
17Brambilla – Sollen sie doch Kuchen essen (MP3)
18Motormuschi – Fischauge
19Yok – Lieselotte Meyer grillt
20Bitume – Wind
21Dritte Wahl – Sklave
22Guerilla Poubelle – C´est pas si simple
23Kurhaus – Selling our bodies to pay bail for our souls
24Kurhaus – Propaganda of dance
25Yakuzi – Ramides Sanchez
26She-Male Trouble – Invisible Friend
27NeinNeinNein – Machoscheisse
28Pascow – Black Wind Kohle und Stahl
29The Creetins – Insight
30Suicidal Tendencies – I saw your mommy (live)
31…leider sind wir mit unserem Jahresrückblick grade mal bis September gekommen 😉
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