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Playlist 06.11.2006 (Tonkuhle)

Montag – 06.11.2006 Radio Tonkuhle
1Motormuschi – Eden
2Motormuschi – Fischauge
Chefdenker – Wer hat in deine Hose gepisst?
4Business – Get out of my house
5Tagtraum – Kann sein
6Durango 95 – Runaway
Sleep in Silence – At last (MP3)
8Sick of it all – Make a mark
9Wisecracker – Contigo mas bien
10Brainless Wankers – You might as well like it
11No Respect – No Nazi Friends
12Bitume – Plakativum
13Duesenjaeger – Verkauf
14World/Infero Friendship Society – Only Anarchists are pretty
15Sham 69 – Borstal Breakout
16Suicidal Tendencies – cycovision
17Chumbawamba – Timebomb
18Gang of Four – Damaged Goods

Playlist 02.11.2006 (FSK)

Donnerstag 02.11.2006
 1Turbostaat – Wieso Herbst
 2The Shocker – Bad brain, good head
 3Sleater Kinney – Call the doctor
  4Tagtraum – Kann sein
Sham 69 – Borstel Breakout
 6No Means No – Forward to death
 7The Bangs – I want more
 8Sleep in Silence – At last
 9Sick of it All – Make a mark
10Brainless Wankers – You might as well like it
11Wisecracker – Contigo mas bien
12No Respect – No Nazi friend
13Düsenjäger – Verkauf
14Hi Tereska – Ich geb mich lieber selber auf (Rockopa)
15Motormuschi – Eden (MP3)
16Motormuschi – Fischauge (MP3)
17Durango 95 – We don´t need sleep, baby
18Small Town Riot – Timmi
19Paint it Black – Ghosts
20The World/Inferno Freindship Society – Only Anarchists are pretty
21The Worls/Inferno Friendship Society – Tattoos fade (live)
22The Buisness – Get out of my house
23Chefdenker – Wer hat in deine Hose gepisst
24Pascow – Trampen nach Norden
25Pascow – Internett
26Leistungsgruppe Maulich – Neben der Zeit
27Social Distortion – Winners and Losers
28Mono für Alle – Mc Donalds
29She Male Trouble – Don´t you
30Die Schnitter – Widerstand
31Groovty – Ausgestrahlt
32Distillers – Sing sing death house
33Suicidal Tendencies – Possessed to Skate

Playlists Oktober 2006 (FSK)

Donnerstag – 05.10.2006
 1Transplants – Tall cans in the air
 22nd District – 19th soldier
 3The Lonely Kings – Love lies bleeding
 4Use to Abuse – Aint´t got nothing to do with you
Poison Idea – Novelty
   6Brigada Flores Magon – Pas de justice, pas de paix
 7Skafari – Breaking the law
 8Voodoo Glow Skulls – As steady as she goes
 9The Aggrolites – Mr. Misery
10Kafkas – Lebensrezeptur
11Angeschissen – Sechs Jahre sind genug
12Jupiter Jones – Kopf hoch und Arsch in den Sattel
13ANA – burn
14The Very Job Agency – Renn Idiot renn
15Turbo AC´s – Overdrive
16Babes in Toyland – Bruise violet
17Bronco Busters – Gotta go
18Amulet – Naked Eye
19Seven Seconds – Still on it
20The Creetins – High old time
21Kamikatze – Killerskirt
22Lunachicks – Dear Dotty
23The Heroines – Emetics
24Fucked Up – Jacobs Ladder
25The Whipers – Is this real
26The Clash – London calling
27Düsenjäger – Per Anhalter (MP3)
28Koyaanisqatsi – Klippen
29Bubonix – From inside
30Kurhaus – Microphysis of power
31Kurhaus – Trading sleepless nights for hope
32Kurhaus – Die or get rich tryin`
33Street Dogs – Common People
34The Quakes – USA psychos
35  Yok – Liselotte Meyer grillt  
36Geiersturzflug – Die Welt
37Suicidal Tendencies – Cycovision

Im Anschluß: Die ganze Platte Kurhaus – The Future of Pornography
Dienstag – 24.10.2006 Die ganze Platte: Fucked Up “Hidden World”
(Jade Tree)
2David comes to life
3Invisible Leader
4Carried out to the see
Baiting the public
6Fate of fates
7Two snakes
Hidden world
9Manqueller man
10Blaze of glory
11Triumph of love
12Jacobs ladder
13Vivian girls
An den Anfang scrollen