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Playlist 08.05.2008 (FSK)

1The Creetins – Demon dreams
2Raised Fist – Some of these times
3Life of Agony – River runs red
4The Exploited – Beat the bastards
5Time Again – Darker days
6The Detectors – Tributary to death
7The Detectors – 21 days
8The Detectors – Bombs are falling
9The Detectors – I hate you
10Small Town Riot – Spit me out
11Guerilla Poubelle – Demain il pleut
12Bambix – Dirtpath
13Anti-Flag – The bright lights of America
14Bubonix – We won´t fall
15Bubonix – Schlagbolzen
16Bubonix – In the grey
17Smoke Blow – Zombie auf´m Klapprad
18Motormuschi – Grenzer
19Used to Abuse – Ain´t got nothing to do with you
20UK Subs – Policestate
21Ignite – In moderation
22Talk Radio Talk – Between walls and lions
23Talk Radio Talk – Clear cold reflexions
24Yuppicide – Ourselves
25Kurhaus – We´ve marked these red lines
26Kurhaus – Refused to be dead
27Kurhaus – (This is) no entertainment
28Poison Idea – Deep sleep
29Bitume – Ein schöner Tag am Hafen
30The Creetins – High old time
31Years of Decay – Riot
32Radio Dead Ones – Late man
33The Varanes – The buccaneer
34Yakuzi – Caramba joder

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