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Playlist 15.01.2007 (Tonkuhle)

Dienstag 15.01.2007 Tonkuhle 
 1Suicidal Tendencies – I shot the devil
 2Black Flag – Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
 3Black Flag – Nervous Berakdown
 4Middle Class – Out of vogue
Bad Brains – Pay to cum
 6D.O.A. – Fucked up Ronnie
 7Cirle Jerks – Red Tape
 8Minor Threat – Filler
 9MDC – I remember
10Untouchables – Nic fit
11Gang green – Kill a commie
12The Freeze – Boston not L.A.
13Jerry´s Kids – Straight jacket
14SS Decontrol – Boiling point
15Void – Who are you?/ Time to die
16Scream – Came without warning
17Negative Approach – Friend or foe (1983 Demo)
18Article of Faith – Bad attitude
19Die Kreuzen – Think for me
20Bataillon of saints – May minds diseased
217 Seconds – I hate sports
227 Seconds – We´re gonna fight
23Big Boys – Brickwall
24Really Red – I was a teenage fuck up
25Adolescents – I hate children (1980 Demo)
Flipper – HA HA HA
 [Kursiv: Aus dem Soundtrack zum Film „American Hardcore. The History of Amerivan Punk Rock 1989-1986]

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