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Playlists August 2006 (FSK)

Donnerstag 03.08.2006
 1I Farm – Hit my head
 2Nitrominds – Fences all over
 3The Distillers – Sing sing death house
 4Rent to kill – Souns of a pitful end
Alexisonfire – This could be anywhere in the world
 6Alexisonfire – Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints
 7Boy Android – The ghost you send
 8Strike Anywhere – Prisoner Echoes
 9Adjudgement – Lifes to life
10Escapado – Magnolien
11Die Rote Suzuki – Kleinstadtcowboys (MP3)
12Pascow – Paris fällt
13Krautbomber – Sicher ist sicher
14Sleater Kinney – I wanna be your Joey Ramone
15The Shocker – Cash in
16The Shocker – Bodycount
17Black Flag – Gimme gimme gimme
18Rollins Band – Get some go again
19Butthole Surfers – Human Cannonball
20Red London – Reality Calling
21La Fraction – Tu les sais
22Life of Agony – Underground
23Force Attack Special
24The Exploited – Punks not dead
25The Creetins – One last fix
26Bitume – Bis an den hals unter Wasser
2744 Leningrad – Mamamia
28Fliehende Stürme – Ausgeschieden
29Mono für Alle – McDonalds
30RIFU – Sold out world
31Casualities – Frontline
32X-Ray-Spex – Let´s submerge
33King Prawn – Another great escape
34Baby Love & the Van Dangos – Gangster
35K-Mob – Don´t Cry
36Suicidal Tendencies – Hippie Killer
Dienstag  15.08.2006 – Die ganze Platte
 RIFU – Bombs for food, mines for freedom
 2Sold out world
 3The plague we´ve become
 4Bom Addicted
Spitting at the remains
 6Come all and blow your brains out
 7Laugh ourselves to death
 8Caught up in everyday
 9Let them eat bombs
10Our relief
11Towards the end
12Massacre of man

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