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Playlists Juni 2006 (Tonkuhle)

Montag – 05.06.2006
 1The Bouncing Souls – The Golden Song
 2Bones Brigade – Indestructible
Refused – Intro
 4Refused – Pump the Breakers
 5The Suicide Machines – Your Silence
 6The Suicide Machines – I went on Tour for ten Years and all I got was a lousy T-Shirt
 7Rolando Random and the Young Soul Rebells – Back in 100 Years
 8Baby Love and the Van Dangos – Gangster
 9Common Rider – Cool this Madness down
10Operation Ivy – Soundsystem
11Pato – Soundsystem
12Peter & the Test Tube Babies feat. Campino & Olga – Smiling through the Years
13Oiro – Stabhochsprung
14Bambix – No. 1
15Kamikatze – I hate Kids (MP3)
16Die Strafe – Strafe muss sein
17Suicidal Tendencies – Build to Survive
18Isis – So did we

Montag – 19.06.2006
1Against all Authority – Radio Waves
2Spitfire – Freak
Upstanding Youth – 451 Degrees
4Cut My Skin – Unity is a Lie
5Skalariak – Preso del Sabado
6Potshot – She is Cute
The Suicide Machines – Hands tied
8Frau Doktor – Too Drunck to Fuck
9Nicotine – Paint it Black
10Skafari – Breaking the Law
11The Skatoons – Alle lieben Ska
12Los Calzones – Todos de Prometen
13Athena – Kime ne
14The Busters – Radio Smash Hit
15Chencha Berinches – Satan el Rudo
16Skunk Allstars – Needle Pin
17Benuts – I wish I was cool like Becky Austin
18Scrapy – Sad Nights in Sono

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