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Playlist März 2006 (FSK)

Donnerstag – 16.03.2006
1RIFU – The Plaque we´ve become (MP3)
2The Ghoulies – Changes with shouts
3Cobra Gang – Resurrection
4NY Rel-X – Paranoia
5Driftnet – For those about to sing along
6El Mariachi – Dondo esta Gerechtigkeit
7Nitrominds – Start your own revolution
8Closet Monster – Smells like revolutionary spirit
9I Farm – Hit my head
10Total Egon – Lite trall och en handtralla
11Horace Pinker – Polisci 101
12RIFU – Let them eat bombs (MP3)
13Destruction Made Simple – Immigrants
14Poison Idea – Taken by surprise
15Poison Idea – Feel the darkness
15Operation Ivy – Take warning
16King Prawn – Racist Copper
17Rolando Random & the Young Soul Rebels – In a mood for a riot
18Raised Fist – Dedication
19Ligeia – Household stereotypes
20Death by Stereo – sssh, it´ll be our little secret
21Use to Abuse – Ain´t got nothing to do with you
22Use to Abuse – Running around
23Bantam – Come undone
24X-Ray Spex – Art-i-ficial
25Black Flag – Six Pack
26Ramones – Zero Zero UFO
27Dackelblut – Kinder kriegen Kinder
28Oma Hans – Danke Wipers
29Dritte Wahl – Feige Helden ( Live am 23.3. im Riff
30Die Strafe – Strafe muss sein
31Fehlfarben – Wilde 13
32Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized
32Isis – So did we

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