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Playlists August 2005 (Tonkuhle)

 Montag – 15.08.2005 -Force Attack Spezial
1Rubberslime – Stupid White Men
2Revolvers- Generation demnation
3UK Subs – Warhead
4Mark Foggo Skasters – What a lovely day for hanging
5Loaded – Potholes
6Daisy Chain – Punkrock my life
7Toxoplasma – Leben verboten
8Skaos – too late
9Dritte Wahl – Brot & Spiele + Auge um Auge
10Anticops – Rain of Ruin
11The Movement – Control your Temper
12S.I.K.- Gerechtigkeit
13Slackers – Axes
14The Bones- Do you wanna
15Distemper -Mama Anarchia
 Montag – 01.08.2005
1Durango 95- Sleep
2Down By Law – Independece Day
3The Ghoulies – Wage
4The Movement – Little rain
5Red London – Reality Calling
6Argies – Senales Difusas
7Real McKenzies – 1000 shots
8Biafra & Melvins – Yuppie Cadillac
9Isolated – Denie
10The Soviettes – multiplay & divide
11Oxymoron- troublebound
12Abwärts- Terrorbeat
13Deny Everything – a different city – a different live
14Cut my Skin – Sick Boy
15SxTx – Join the (new) army
16EA 80 – Kamaki
17Fliehende Stürme – Eigenwelt
18Die Strafe – Angst

Playlists Juli 2005 (Tonkuhle)

 Montag – 18.07.2005
1Bitume – Sprengstoff besieget Herdentrieb 3:1
2Antiflag – You got to die for your government
3The Code – Alert Aware
4The Users – I´m in love with today
5Dead Kennedys – I fought the law
6Jan feat. Udssr – Donde esta la libertad
7The Spitts – The fight!
8Destruction Made Simple – Imigrant
9Bubonix – Never forget
 Special: The Infernal Noise Brigade
10Dritte Wahl – Störung
11New Mexican Disaster Squad – Vultures
12Social Distortion – Live before you die
13Long Beach Dub Allstars –
14Suicidal Tendencies – Monopoly of sorrow
15Isis – So did we
 Montag – 04.07.2005
1Good Riddance – Ties of Blood and affection
2Zeke – I don´t give a fuck
3Rise against – 1000 good intentions
4Dritte Wahl – Schaum auf der Ostsee
5Voodoo Glow Skulls – El mas Chingon
6Transplants – tall cans in the air
7Guttermouth – won´t see you in the pit
8H2O – Cops-Theme
9Raised Fist – Get it real
10The Donnas – Are you gonna…
11Inner Terristrials
12Tha Aka´s – Generation vexed
 Special: G8 – Feature (mit Green Day, KRS-One, Soulfly, Tod & Mordschlag)
13Karamelo Santo – El baille oficial
14Steakknife – Anthem
15Atom & his package – metric
16SxTx – i want more
Playlists Juli 2005 (Tonkuhle)

– Playlist vom Oktober 2004 bis Juni 2005

Entschuldigt das  Playlisten-Chaos, aber wir haben leider am Anfang noch nicht so klasse archiviert … für nen Überblick reichts vielleicht… 


1.Sex Pistols – Holidays in the sun    2.Dackelblut – Waschengehen   3.Class Assassins – No Justice, No Peace     4.King Prawn – Racist Copper   5.Rambo – U-Lock Justice   6.Juliette & The Licks – Comin´Around    7.The Stooges – Wanna be your dog    8. Life of Agony – Spezial (Love to let you down, last cigarette, this time)   9.Hammerhai – Alles bleibt schlimmer     10.Ransom – Guacamole   11.Wizo – Kopf ab, Schwanz ab has   12.Peter Pan Speedrock – Cockteaser    13.Female Trouble – Desire   14.Sick of it all – Injustice System   15. SxTx – Look up (the boys are back)    16.Les reines prochaines – Wicked Game


1.F-Minus – Wake up screaming  2.Bad Religion – Supersonic 3.Snuff – Marbles    4.Dropkick Murphys – The auld triangle  5.Leftover Crack – Stop the insanity         6.Descendents- Descendents    7.Turbostaat – Wieso Herbst   8.U.S.Bombs -Roll around    9.Analena – Work in progress    10.RastaKnast – Angstzustand   11.Against Me – Pints of Guiness make you strong      12.It Dies Today – Threnody for a modern romance 13.Beastie Boys – Time for livin´    14.Tsunami Bomb – Down on afuneral day       15.Misfits – Die, die my darling 16.Break the Silence – Six foot revolver    17.Extrabreit -Polizisten    18.Teddybears Sthlm – Incapacitation                  19.SxTx – I saw your mommy(live)    20.Green Day – Boulevard of broken dreams


1.Green Day – American Idiot   2. Turbo Negro – All my friends are dead   3.Help She Can´t Swim – Fashionable  4.Suicide Machines – Beat my head against the wall     5.No Means No – Now     6.The Dicks – The Dicks hate the Police 7.Millencolin – Biftek Supernova   8.Lex Barker Experience – Drahtseilakt     9. The Bullocks – Economia   10.King Pin – L´Aventurier   11.Give Up The Ghost – Love American   12.King Prawn – Poison in the Air    13.Robocop Kraus – Free Masons in the house    14.SxTx – Cyco    15.Slime – Haut zu Stein    16.Down and Away – Up against the world     17.Ton Steine Scherben – Keine Macht für Niemand    18.Submission Hold – Predisposed to oppose


1.Suicidal Tendencies 2.Frustkiller 3.Bambix 4.THE Go FASTER NUNS 5.Schwarz auf Weiß 6.Lex Barker Experience 7.Furillo – Special mit Bleeding Archieves, Baby Love & The van Dangos, Capt. Jake & the S.O.B.´s und PATO 12.Raised Fist 13.Düsenjäger 14.Peace of Mind 15.Scattergun 16.Exploited 17.Le Tigre 18.Fazed 19.Goldene Zitronen

04.04. (Notsendung ohne Moderation)

1.The Go faster Nuns 2.Bitume 3.Ramones 4.Sick of it all 5.ZSK 6.Furillo 7.Slime 8.The Ghoulies 9.EA 80 10.Biohazard 11.Hiroshima Sunset 12.Hellacopters 13.Düsenjäger 14.Peace of Mind 15.SxTx 16. Lard


1.Good Riddance 2.Lars Frederikson & The Bastards 3.Rancid 4.Klischee 5.Bikini Kill 6.Social Distortion 7.Wipers 8.The Clash 9.Yuppicide 10.Snuff 11.Vandals 12.Un Kuartito 13.Kolporteure 14.Rollins Band  15.SxTx 16.Guts Pie Earshot 17.Oiro 18.HASS




1.Dover 2.Attaque 77 3.Avail 4.Spermbirds 5.Bubonix 6.Oma Hans – Special (Leichenkleid, Kreisverkehr, Aus Stahl) 7.Monkey Pirates 8.Zeke 9.Mano Negra 10.Furillo 11. The NY Rel-X 12. Toxoplasma 13.Glucifer 14.The Users 15. SxTx 16. New Model Army


1.Brainless Wankers 2.Razzia 3.Sublime 4. Fugazi 5. Dritte Wahl – Special (Sonne & Meer, Nossi, Hol mich hier raus, Betty Blue) 6. Long Beach Dub Allstars 7.Poison Idea 8.D-Sailors 9.Smoke Blow 10.Popzillas 11.Obrint Pas 12.RKL 13. SxTx 14. Baffdecks


1.Krackheadz 2. Bad Religion 3.No Respect 4.Propagandhi 5.Closet Monster 6.Kafkas 7.Kolporteure 8.Gorilla Biscuits 9.Sidekick Lupochen & the Bad Generation 10. Pennywise 11.Muff Potter 12.Creeeper 13. Ska-P 14. Dritte Wahl 15. Madball 16.The Casualities 17.The Heroines 18.Suicidal Tendencies


1.King Prawn 2.Voodoo Glow Skulls 3.The Creetins 4.The Fixtures 5.Ramones 6.Fehlfarben 7. Oiro 8.Common Rider 9.Wisecräcker 10.Adjudgement 11.Biohazard 12.Bad Religion 13.Rantanplan 14.Real McKenzies 15.Wizo 16.EA80 17.SxTx 18.Life of Agony


1.Suicidal Tendencies 2.Anti-Flag 3.Beatsteaks 4.Turbo AC´s 5.The (International) Noise Conspiracy 6.Refused 7.Outbreak 8.Mighty Mighty Bosstones 9.The Clash 10.Zen Baseballbat 11.Die Schnitter 12.Turbo Negro 13.Death by Stereo 14.Yakuza 15.World Inferno Friendship Society 16.Irie Révoltés 17.HASS 18.Guts Pie Earshot


1.Pain in the ass 2. Teddybears Sthlm 3. Baffdecks 4. Beta Garri 5. Karamelo Santo 6. Kapanga 7.Boy sets Fire 8.Highscore 9.Kolporteure 10.Dead Kennedys 11.UK Subs 12. At the Drive in 13. Tilt 14.WIZO 15.Furillo 16. Ska-T 17.Missile Girl Scoot 18.Bitume 19.Zen Baseballbat 20.Suicidal Tendencies 21.Ton Steine Scherben


1.Sick of it all 2. Turbostaat 3.Social Distortion 4. Antii-Flag 5.Bubonix 6.Burning Heads 7. Burning Heads 8.The Dicks 9.Bikini Kill 10.Team Dresch 11.Lunachicks 12.Hole 13. Death by Stereo 14. System of a down 15.Dritte Wahl 16.RubberSlime 17.Fehlfarben 18.Life of Agony 19.Suicidal Tendencies


1.Turbo Negro 2. Die Strafe 3. Jan feat. UDSSR 4.Sublime 5. Oiro6.Distillers 7. Sick of it All 8.Suicide Machines 9. the nartz 10.Angeschissen11.Black Flag 12.Life of Agony 13. Driftnet 14.Slime 15. Tod & Mordschlag 16.Scattergun 17.NOFX 18.Lombego Surfers 19 Bitume 20.Suicidal Tendencies

25.10.2004  (erste Sendung!)

1.Kolporteure 2.Spermbirds 3.Fugazi 4.Lombego Surfers 5.Oma hans 6.Refused 7.Ramones 8.King Prawn 9. Beatsteaks 10. EA80 11.She-Male Trouble 12. Exploited 13. Ignite 14. Operation Ivy 15. Dritte Wahl 16. Misfits 17. Rantanplan 18.Go Faster Nuns 19.Goldene Zitronen 20.Suicidal Tendencies

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