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Playlists September 2006 (FSK)

Donnerstag 07.09.2006
 1Boysetsfire – After the eulogy
 2Lombego Surfers – Look away
 3Inner Terrestrials – War
 4Paint it Black – The new brutality
Oiro – Schulschwänzer, Rowdy & Co
 6Kolporteure – Selber Schuld (UN)
 7Autozynik – Beton
 8Torpedo Girl – Trapped
 9Torpedo Girl – Shut up
10Lipstix – B-Movie-Girl
11Strike Anywhere – Instinct
12Common Rider – Cool this madness down
13Yakuzi – Ramides Sanches
14Juliette & the Licks – Killer
15She Male Trouble – I never forget
16She Male Trouble – Attitude (live)
17Turbo Negro – Scandinavia Leather
18Turbo AC`s – HKWC
19Smoke Blow – Dark Angel
20Antitainment – Als Manowar den Krieg verlor
21Kurhaus – On my last night in Europe
22Antitainment – richtet hin was euch einrichtet
23Misfits – She
24EA 80 – Ich warte
25Die Strafe – Die Welt ist sch…
26Hynkel Oeverskaeg – 6 Gramm Caratillo
27Thema 11 – DCLXVI the cogs
28Refused – Pump the brakes
29Against Me – Pints of Guiness make you strong (live)
30Gogo Bordello – Start wearing purple (live)
31Patchanka – Set things in motion (MP3)
32Patchanka – Were gonna start a riot (MP3)
33The Go faster Nuns – To your world
34Ramones – Got a lot say
35Suicidal Tendencies – Fashist pig
36Scattergun – Poison

Dienstag – 26.09.2006 Die ganze Platte: She-Male Trouble “Off The Hook” (XNO/Alive)
1Female Trouble – Desire

She-Male Trouble – Off The Hook
2Down the drain
3Between the lines
4Shortcut to heaven
Ancing Bar
6I never forget
7There´ll be no one clappin´hands at the end of the play
8My sweetest enemy
9Don´t you
10Circus Minimus
11Losin Ground
12Where Beagles dare
13One by One
14Invisible Friend
15Time runs fast (acoustic)
16Attitude (live)
172 nd Hand Life (from “Back from the Nitty Gritty”)
18Too Strong (s.o.)
19Ugly (s.o.)
20Break it up (s.o.)
21Killin Keepin her alive (s.o.)
22Mrs Miller (s.o.)

Playlists September 2006 (Tonkuhle)

Montag – 04.09.2006
 1Boysetsfire – After the eulogy
 2Kurhaus – Priority now
Hynkel Overskaeg – Holdningerharenp (UN)
 4Strike Anywhere – Instinct
 5Ephan Rian – Strike me deeply
 6Torpedo Girl – Shut up (MP3)
Yakuzi – Ramides Sanches
 8She Male Trouble – Don´t you
 9She Male Trouble – Invisible Friend
10Panteon Rococo – La carencia
11Paint it Black – The new brutality
12NeinNeinNein – gefressen und ausgekotzt
13Inner Terrestrials – War
14Kolporteure – Selber Schuld (UN)
15Suicidal Tendencies – Cycovision
16The Aggrolites – Mr. Misery
17Torpedo Girl – Trapped
Montag – 18.09.2006   Special: She-Male Trouble “Off The Hook” (XNO/Alive)
 1Armalite – Entitled
 2Kurhaus – On my last night in europe
  She-Male Trouble – Off The Hook
 4Down the drain
 5Between the lines
 6Shortcut to heaven
Ancing Bar
 8I never forget
 9There´ll be no one clappin´hands at the end of the play
10My sweetest enemy
11Don´t you
12Circus Minimus
13Losin Ground
14Where Beagles dare
15One by One
16Invisible Friend
17Attitude (Live)
18Antitainment – Manowar win the war
19Patchanka – la Patchanka
20Autozynik – Beton

Playlists August 2006 (Tonkuhle)

Montag – 07.08.2006
 1Pascow – Paris fällt
 2Boy Andriod – the ghost you sent
Krautbomber – Sicher ist Sicher
 4Juliette and the Licks – Killer (MP3)
 5Butthole Surfers – Human Cannonball
 Force Attack 2006
 6The Exploited – Punks not dead
The Creetins – One last fix
 844 Leningrad – Mamma Mia
 9Bitume – Bis an den Hals unter Wasser
10Rolando Random & the young soul rebels – the rebel revolution
11Fliehende Stürme – Ausgeschieden
12Mono für Alle – Mc Donalds
13Sleater Kinney – I wanna be your Joey Ramone
14Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bob
15Hate Breed – Supremacy of self
16Suicidal Tendencies – Hippiekiller
17Greg Graffin – About Suffering

Montag – 21.08.2006
 1Rent to Kill – Sounds of a pittyful end
 2Strike Anywhere – Prisoner Echoes
die Rote Suzuki – Kleinstadtcowboys
 4La Fraction – tu les sais
 5Escapado – Magnolien
 6Against Me – Pints of Guiness make you strong (MP3)
Red London – Reallity Calling
 8Left Alone – Done Wrong
 9K-Mob – Don´t Cry
10The Schocker – Cash in
11The Schocker – Bodycount
12Rollins Band – Get some go again
13The Draft – New eyes open
14X-Ray-Spex – Let´s submerge
15Adjudgment – Lifes to life
16Suicidal Tendencies – Cycovision
17Muffpotter – Punkt 9
18Letherface – Plastic Surgery
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