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Playlist vom 06.06.2024 – Magazin

1Refused – New Noise
2Yur Mum – Anhangá
3Obstrusive – Social Borders
4The Pill – Salaryman
5Pears – Victim to be
6Quit – Frustration
7Quit – Troll Stomp
8P.I.S.S. – Lynching Louie Sam
9Post Regiment – Numer
10Dritte Wahl – Wir schiessen die Milliardäre ins All
11Gedrängel – Vans
12Gedrängel – Diskokugel
13Fucking Angry – I killed God
14Smoke Blow – Zombie auf dem Klapprad
15Gosse – Not your fucking fetish
16Bittter – 29 Spooner Street
17Bittter – Dr. Clumsy
18Touché Amoré – Always running, never look back
19Social Unrest – I wanna be heard
20Cut My Skin – All of nothing
21Shellac – Prayer to god
22The Dicks – Hate the police
23Landmines – Track 2
24Good Riddance – Our great divide
25Rat Cage – Through the darkness
26Minutes From Memory – Just promises
27Amyl and the Sniffers – U should not be doing that
28Amyl and the Sniffers – Facts
29Rejected Youth – NYC Tonite
30The Bristols – Hail hail chauvinism
31Akne Kid Joe – 50/50
32Akne Kid Joe – Spaltung der Gesellschaft
33Akne Kid Joe – Legende am Glas

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