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Playlist vom 02.05.2024

1Instigators – The fix
2Gouge Away – Stuck in a dream
3Cobra Gang – Resurrection
4Rat Cage – Nothing’s scared anymore
5Akne Kid Joe – 50/50
6N.T.Ä. – Boys
7Tensö – Nuevo Punk
8Tensö – La Pataleta
9TV Cult – White Riot
10Adolescents – Just because
11Instigators – Wrong word
12Burning Lady – Don’t fight the wrong battle
13The Savants – Sommer, Sonne, Dosenbier
14Hammerhead – Im Sommer
15Scheissediebullen – Sommernacht
16Motormuschi – Fischauge
17Fucking Angry – Tilt
18Fucking Angry – Zeit für Punk
19Pizzatramp – Nobhammer
20The Kendolls – Pepperoni Pilgrim
21Every face becomes a skull – Fail Upwards
22Comeback Kid – Trouble in the winners circle
23Comeback Kid – Breaking and bruised
24Fever 333 – Bite back
25Team Dresch – Fagetarian and dyke
26Face Up – Rise now
27The Neighborhood Brats – Last stage Capitalism
28NoFX – The Queen is dead
29NoFX – The last Drag
30Wizo – Selenbrand
31Bambix – Conquer the world
32Yur Mum – New Beginnings
33Yur Mum – Anhangá
34The Ramones – Can`t get you out of my mind

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