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Playlists April 2006 (Tonkuhle)

Montag – 03.04.2006
 1Sick of it All – Borstal Breakout
 2Nitrominds – Start your own Revolution
 3Pete the Pirate Squid – I´m not dancing because I like it, I´m dancing because I´m cold (UN)
 4Snuff – Caught in Session
 5Antikörper – Rückspiegel
 6NeinNeinNein – Machoscheiße (MP3)

Lady´s Punk! Trilogie – Teil 2: Revolution Girl Style Now! Riot Grrrls in den 90er Jahren
 7The Voodoo Queens – Supermodel Superficial
 8Bikini Kill – Rebell Girl
 9Bratmobile – Die
10Team Dresch – Fagetarian and Dyke
11Babes in Toyland – Bruise Violet
127 Year Bitch – It´s too late
13Heavens to Betsy – Waitress Hell
14Sleater Kinney – Call the Doctor
15Leistungsgruppe Maulich – Neben der Zeit
16Suicidal Tendencies – Ain´t gonna take it
17Billy Bragg – Bush war blues

Literaturtipp frei im Internet als Download : “Smells Like Teen Spirit – Riot Grrrls, Revolution und Frauen im Independent Rock” von Joanne Gottlieb und Gayle Wald. Erschienen in:Give the Feminist a Cigarette.

Montag – 17.04.2006
 1Guns Up! – You break
 2Mr Burns – Give it away
 3NOFX – 100 times fuckeder
 4Vageenas – No brain
 5NeinNeinNein – Nett sein
 6Sick of it all – Take the night off
 7Endstand – Way out
 8Joy Division – Failures
 9Wipers – D-7
10Pennywise – Bro Hymn
11Raised Fist – You ignore them all
12Raised Fist – Some of these times
13Anti-Flag – The press korpse
14Lighthouse Project – Spark
15Retching Red –  Spear and magic helmet (MP3)
16Agnostic Front – Gotta Go
17Paprika Korps – rewolucja
18Suicidal Tendencies – We are family
19Raised Fist – Time will let you go, all alone I break
20Cor – Mein Huhn hat Grippe

Playlist März 2006 (FSK)

Donnerstag – 16.03.2006
1RIFU – The Plaque we´ve become (MP3)
2The Ghoulies – Changes with shouts
3Cobra Gang – Resurrection
4NY Rel-X – Paranoia
5Driftnet – For those about to sing along
6El Mariachi – Dondo esta Gerechtigkeit
7Nitrominds – Start your own revolution
8Closet Monster – Smells like revolutionary spirit
9I Farm – Hit my head
10Total Egon – Lite trall och en handtralla
11Horace Pinker – Polisci 101
12RIFU – Let them eat bombs (MP3)
13Destruction Made Simple – Immigrants
14Poison Idea – Taken by surprise
15Poison Idea – Feel the darkness
15Operation Ivy – Take warning
16King Prawn – Racist Copper
17Rolando Random & the Young Soul Rebels – In a mood for a riot
18Raised Fist – Dedication
19Ligeia – Household stereotypes
20Death by Stereo – sssh, it´ll be our little secret
21Use to Abuse – Ain´t got nothing to do with you
22Use to Abuse – Running around
23Bantam – Come undone
24X-Ray Spex – Art-i-ficial
25Black Flag – Six Pack
26Ramones – Zero Zero UFO
27Dackelblut – Kinder kriegen Kinder
28Oma Hans – Danke Wipers
29Dritte Wahl – Feige Helden ( Live am 23.3. im Riff
30Die Strafe – Strafe muss sein
31Fehlfarben – Wilde 13
32Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized
32Isis – So did we

Playlists März 2006 (Tonkuhle)

Montag – 20.03.2006
1Cobra Gang – Resurrection
2Hi Tereska – Ich geb Dich lieber selber auf (Rockopa) (UN)
3Kolporteure – Recht auf Mord
4Kolporteure – Komm nicht zu mir
5Lombego Surfers – Going going gone
6Heideroosjes – Da´s toch dopeman (MP3)
7Down by Law – Radio Ragga
 Lady`s Punk – Teil 1 – Frauenpunkbands in den 70er Jahren
8Sex Pistols – No feelings (Intro)
9The Slits – Shoplifting
10X-Ray-Spex – Identity
11The Raincoats – Fairytale in the Supermarket
12Kleenex/Liliput – Madness
13Siouxsie and the Banshees – Playground twist
14Hans-A-Plast – Rock´n`Roll Freitag
15Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized
16Detrimental Thread – Act of Violence

Montag – 06.03.2006
1Use to Abuse – Ain´t got nothing to do with you
2RIFU – Let them eat bombs
3Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels – In the mood for a riot
4Die Angst – Nächte (UN)
5Whichhats – heartaches (UN)
6Bantam – Come undone (MP3)
7Million of Dead Cops – Kill the cops
8Rasta Knast – Kein Licht II
9Laissez Faire – Kippenlänge (UN)
10Use to Abuse – Running around
11Mad Sin – Apes on parade
12I Farm – Land of the lost
13I Farm – I hit my head
14The Parachutes – The fallen
15Fehlfarben – Wilde 13
16Mono für alle – Amoklauf
17The Ghoulies – Wageslave
18Suicidal Tendencies – Feel like shit… deja-vu
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