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Playlist 16.07.2007 (Tonkuhle)

Montag 16.07.2007 Tonkuhle 
 1Refused – Summerholiday vs Punkroutine
 2Suicide Machines – Red flag
 3F-Minus – Sweating blood
 4Kollateralschaden – Ausweg
EA 80 – Sofakissen
 6Kolporteure – Rebell
 7The Soivettes – Multiply and devide
 8H2O – Coptheme
Pennywise – Fuck authority
10Kurhaus – Propaganda of dance
11Kurhaus – Die or get rich tryin´
12The Wipers – Tragedy
13The Ramones – I believe in miracles
14Trio – Ja ja wo gehts lank Peter Pank schönen Dank
15Turbostaat  – Harm Rochel
16Beatsteaks – Soljanka
17American Tourists – Nur geträumt
18Kurhaus – Last night in Europe

Playlist 05.07.07 (FSK)

  Donnerstag 05.07.2007 FSK 
 1Suicidal Tendencies – A little each day
 2Bubonix – Fashion Tattoo
 3Rifu – The plaque we´ve become
 4Beatsteaks – Different ways
Turbostaat – Harm rochel
 6Brambilla – Sollen sie doch Kuchen essen
 7Fucked Up – Crusades
 8Kurhaus – Propaganda of dance
Kurhaus – On my last night in Europe
10Kurhaus – Die or get rich tryin´
11The Distillers – City of Angels
12Juliette & the Licks – Killer
13Kobayashi – weiter
14Koyaanisqatsi – Klippern
15Guts Pie Earshot – Run from the shadow

Playlist 14.06.2007 (FSK) Special: Suicidal Tendencies (Teil 1)

Donnerstag 14.06.2007 FSK  Special: Suicidal Tendencies Teil I: 1982-1993   
  Suicidal Tendencies, Frontier, 1983
 1Suicide´s an Altenative/ You´ll be sorry
 2Two sides politics
 3I shot the devil
 6I saw your Mommy
 7I want more
 8Suicidal failure
  Join the Army, Caroline, 1987
 9Join the army
War inside my head
11Possessed to skate
  How will I laugh tomorrow…, Epic, 1988
12Pledge your allegiance
13How will I laugh tomorrow
  Controlled by Hatred/ Feel like Shit…Déjà Vu, Epic, 1989
14Controlled by hatred
15Feel like shit…déjà vu
  Lights…Camera…Revolution!, Epic, 1990
16You can´t bring me down
  The Art of Rebellion, Epic, 1990
19Nobody hears
Monopoly on sorrow
21I´ll hate you better
  Still Cyco after all these Years, Epic, 1993
22Fascist Pig
23Memories of tomorrow
25Suicidal Failure
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