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Playlists Juli 2006 (Tonkuhle)

Montag – 17.07.2006
1The Very Job Agency – Kommando Rohrbombe
2Short Fuse – Irresistible
Brambilla – eben (MP3)
4Brambilla – Einfach Angst (MP3)
5Outbreak – Down not out
6Randy´s Ripcord – External Fame
Yakuza – Cancer of Industry

The Very Job Agency – Special
9Are you dolf?
15Renn! Idiot! Renn!
16Codename: Charlie (alle vom Debutalbum – st, GoKart Records,
17Pato – Bad Situation (Live at Spot Festival)
18EA80 – Sollen sein

Playlists Juli 2006 (FSK)

Donnerstag 06.07.2006
 1Smoke Blow – Commander of Doom
 2The Movement – Little Rain
 3Cobra Gang – Resurrection
 4Cobra Gang – Find a Friend, find a Treasure
Social Distortion – Winners and Losers
 6Lombego Surfers – Grab it
 7The Spitts – That´s my Girl
 8Use to Abuse – Ain´t got nothing to do with you
 9The Go Fuster Nuns – To your World
10Poison Idea – Feel the Darkness
11Teddybear Stockholm – Step on it
12At the Drive In – Cosmonaut
13Beatsteaks – Me against the World
14Rifu – Let them eat Bombs
15Eniac – We did Things
16Conflict – From St. Pauls to Seattle
17Outbreak – Mindshake
18Driftnet – For those about to sing along
19Sick of it All – Injustice System
20The Nartz – Can´t dance to it
21Fugazi – Shut the Door
22The Users – I´m in Love with Today
23The Undertones – Teenage Kicks
24Bambix – Brand New Religion
25Submission Hold – Blue Light Special
26L. Minygwal – Zoa
27Short Fuse – Irresistible (MP3)
28Zen Baseballbat – Bananas
29Ska-T – NL
30Yakuza – Cancer of Industry
31Propagandhi – Pledge your Allegiance
32Randy´s Ripchord – City of Anger
33Gogol Bordello -Start wearing Purple
34Suicidal Tendencies – I saw your Mommy (live)
35Kingpins – L´Aventurier

Dienstag – 18.07.2006 – Die Ganze Platte
 1The Very Job Agency – st
 2Are you dolf?
 9Renn! Idiot! Renn!
10Codename: Charlie
11(alle vom Debutalbum – st, GoKart Records,
12Guerilla Poubelle – Demain il pleut
13Guerilla Poubelle – Pour quelques points de fidelité
14Guerilla Poubelle – si jamais

Playlists Juni 2006 (FSK)

Dienstag – 13.06.2006 – Die Ganze Platte
PATO – Music for early Birds and Nighthawks
 0Furillo – Trasher Chicks
 2Old Number Sixteen
 7Ancient Times
 8Bad Situation
10Runnin` for Cover
11Somebody cryin` somewhere
12Make it Work
13Southern Boy
14Bad Situation (live at Spot-Festival)
15Furillo – Ladyfriend

Dienstag – 20.06.2006
 1EA 80 – Die längsten Minuten
 2Slime – Deutschland
 3Misfits – Mommy can I go out and kill tonight?
 4Guts Pie Earshot – Run from the Shadow
 5Guts Pie Earshot – Reflection
 6Die Angst – Nächte (UN)
 7Kaput Krauts – So einer wie James Bond (UN)
 8Sick of it All – Busted
 9Guerilla Poubelle – Demain il pleut
10Kolporteure – Selber Schuld (UN)
11Lard – The Power of Lard
12Bronco Busters – Mama don´t like
Lady´s Punk Trilogie Teil 3: Ladyfeste
13Sleater Kinney – Oh Oh
14Lipstix – Little thin
15Störenfrieda – Frei ab 16
16The Rondells – Please shut up
17Candelilla – Slut rangée
18Boonaraaas – Hipshakin
19Kamikaze – Killerskirt
20La Fraction – Tu les sais
21Sublime – What I got
22Pato – Soundsystem
23Skafari – Breaking the Law
24Me First & the Gimme Gimmes – (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
25Antitainment – Richtet hin was Euch einrichtet (MP3)
26Kurhaus – Radically Changed
27Smoke Blow – Thermometer Voice
28Cut My Skin – Unity is a Lie
29Chencha Berinches – Satan el Rudo
30Familea Miranda – Palomita
31The Creetins – Insight
32Suicidal Tendencies – War inside my Head
33Cougars – Pants
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