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Playlist vom 18.08.22 – Special ldcm + Enemigxs Del Enemigo

1Fjørt – Raison
2Cerebral Ballzy – Cutting glass
3Civet – Hellheath no fury
4OFF! – Over our heads
5Mad Minority – Stadt. Land. Gift.
6Orchid – Le désordre c’est moi
7Malatessa – Paragraf 218
8Deutsche Laichen – My cunt my business
9Anti Corpos – Keep on
10G.L.O.S.S. – Give violence a chance
11Indisposed – Stridulate
12Knigge + Krust – Unsere Disko unsere Regeln
13Laudare – Black hole rain
14Kalk – Надоела любовь (Fed up with love)
15Eleanor Lance – Mann im Wald
16Smoke Blow – Zombie auf Klapprad
17Enemigxs Del Enemigo – Bienvenidxs A La Campaña Del Miedo
18Enemigxs Del Enemigo – Corazones En Llamas
19Suicidal Tendencies – Hippie Killer

Playlist vom 04.08.22 – Magazin

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1Pascow – Silberblick und Scherenhände
2Petrol Girls – Fight for our lives
3Dead Class – Dirty D.
4War Emblem – Obsessed with death
5Castro – One thing leads to another
6Chained Bliss – Mirrors
7Chained Bliss – Stained Red
8Mon Autre Groupe – La pospérité
9Short Days – Pigs in blue
10The New York Rel-X – Open your eyes
11The Flatliners – Performative hours
12The Flatliners – Heirlroom
13NOFX – The big drag
14Amyl and the Sniffers – Guided by Angels
15The Chats – Smoko
16Smile and Burn – Computer spielen
17Mad Minority – Fuck the planet
18Mad Minority – Nervermind the fortress
19Hotel Kempauski – OMR
20Soko Linx – Allein rumstehen
21Lulu und die Einhornfarm – Im Bus wird nicht gekackt
22100 Blumen – Ey, die Vögel
23The Savants – Sommer, Sonne, Dosenbier
24ZSK – Hassliebe
25CIV – Can’t wait for one minute more
26The Assassinators – A for Anarki
27Cuir – Flood de loose
28Misconduct – Stay time part 2
29Goldzilla – Repariert was euch repariert hat
30Goldzilla – Das Lagerfeuerlied
31Rejected Youth – 12 beasts of england

Playlist vom 21.07.2022 – Magazin

1The Bristols – No revolution in our lifetime
2Bitume – D21
3F*cking Angry – Lack ab!
4Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine – Taliban USA
5La Dispute – Said the King to the River
6Van Dammes – Tax free world
7Colored Moth – Disarray
8Driftnet – For those about to sing aloneg
9Always Wanted War – Sleep forever
10Slow Jams – Cleft in twain
11Slow Jams – Run Down
12Fleshies – Weird Decisions
13Penadas por la Ley – No gender
14The Other – Absolution
15Press Club – My body’s changing
16Civet – Hell hath no fury
17Christmas – Barfly
18Riot Brigade – Set the Pace
19Slime – Bester Freund
20Slime – Komm schon klar
21Smoke Blow – Final Hands
22Bambrillas – König von Montana
23Defloration – Held
24Defloration – Deutschland
25Defloration – Ohnmacht
26Lose Lose – Kick back
27All or nothing – Erase
28Gordon Shumway – Wir sind scheiße
29Shutcombo – Deto-Nation
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