- Suicide Machines hören auf!

Erstellt am 20. Mai 2006

Traurig, aber wahr: eine unserer absoluten Fave-Bands der letzten Jahre hat sich aufgelöst: The Suicide Machines! Nach dem der Drummer und anschließend auch Sänger Jason Navarro das Handtuch geschmissen haben und künftig ihre Energie in ihre zweite Band Left in Ruin stecken wollen, löste sich auch der Rest der Band auf. Wir werden in den kommenden Sendungen sicherlich nochmal diverse Songs der Punk/Ska/Hc Combo Revue passieren lassen...!

Gitarrist Dan, mit Navarro Mitbegründer der Band gab Punknews am 15.5.  folgendes Statement:
"Yes - the Suicide Machines have indeed disbanded and will no longer beplaying shows. We originally had planned on calling it a day at the endof 2005 - but some great offers for tours came in late last year thatwe just could not turn down so we decided to take them and keep itgoing. Things just got to a point recently of where we could no longercontinue doing this band although we had planned on trying to stay withit until the end of this year.
Jay and I have been doing this band basically since we were teenagersand things have changed much for all of us since that time. I feel likewe've had a great run and made some great records over the past 15years for both Hollywood and Side One Dummy and left a legacy that willnot be soon forgotten."

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